Sunday, February 19, 2017

Wonga Beach Community Park - Daintree Picnic Spot

Shelter Shed and BBQ

Where is it?

What is it like?

Bar B Q

In need of repair

Unfortunately the bbq plate does not work properly. It only heats up one side and is not very hot.


Sausage Sandwich and Salad

The Wonga Beach Community Park is a popular spot with locals (weekends), Tradies (week days) and visitors in peak season. It is not a free camping ground but has many facilities for the day visitor:
Shady trees,
Children's play ground with shade cloth,
Skate Park with shade cloth,
2 Shelter Sheds,
Free electric Bar B Q - see comment above,
2 Fresh water taps,
Beach Access and
*Close to the Caltex Servo for take away and picnic supplies.

*The Caltex take away is considered the best for fish and chips in the Douglas Shire.


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